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Rural Health Clinic

In an effort to make health care available to as many people as possible, Lawrence Health Services offers rural health clinics. A clinic is strategically located where health care is needed and will be utilized. Hours of the health clinic are determined by use of the facility.

What is a rural health clinic? A rural health clinic is a special clinic that is staffed by a registered nurse practitioner with advanced education and clinical training in a special health care area. The nurse practitioner is recognized as an expert nurse and serves as the regular health care provider for children and adults during health and illness. The practitioner has strict supervision by a physician. Do you have a choice between seeing the nurse practitioner or the physician? Yes, the nurse practitioner is available on a regular basis and the physician has a special time each week when he/she sees patients in the clinic. Why choose a nurse practitioner? More and more people are choosing nurse practitioners as their regular health care provider because nurse practitioners are health professionals who:

provide individualized care, focusing not only on health problems, but also on the effects health problems have on people and their families explain the details of health problems, medications, and other topics to help people fully understand how to take care of themselves ask about people’s worries and concerns about their health and their health care needs emphasize wellness Philosophy We, at the rural health clinics, are committed to you and providing you with the best health care service. Our goal is to treat your family as we would wish our family to be treated. Insurance We will prepare and submit claims and help with any questions you have. Non-insured patients are encouraged to make prior arrangements with the clinic manager for payment. If you have questions about your bill, you may call or come by.

We accept Medicare and Medicaid assignment. We honor BC/BS, SHARP, QualChoice, and Tricare providers.

Locations of LHS Rural Health Clinics Family Medical Center 1309 West Main Street Walnut Ridge, Arkansas 72476 (870) 886-3211 – Fax (870) 886-9027

Family Medical Center

Family Medical Center is a designated rural health clinic owned and operated by Lawrence Memorial Health Foundation, Inc.   As a designated rural health clinic, health care is provided to persons in an underserved area and is required to have an advanced practice nurse on hand seeing patients 50% of the time the clinic is open. Providers …