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Benefits Available

Benefits Available

Health Insurance Major medical health insurance coverage is provided by QualChoice. The annual deductible is $1000.00 per individual. After the deductible is met, QualChoice pays 80% of covered charges – if you use a QC provider. There is a $30 copay on doctor office visits, and a $50 copay on specialist office visits. A prescription drug card is included with the health insurance. Lawrence Health Services pays 90% of employee premium. If the employee chooses to add dependents, they pay the additional cost for those dependents. (The deductible goes up to $2000 and the plan only pays 60 % of out of network providers.)

Dental Insurance Dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental of Arkansas. Lawrence Health Services will pay 50% the cost of coverage for full time (40 hour) employees. The employee is responsible for the cost of adding dependent(s). The annual deductible is $50.00 per individual. Delta Dental provides two check-ups per year person at no cost.

Vision Insurance Vision Service Plan offers the vision plan for Lawrence Health Services employees. The deductible is $25.00 per person per year.

Life – Cancer Insurance All Full-time employees are covered with $15,000.00 life insurance as long as they are employed, at no cost to the employee. Coverage is available for cancer, short-term disability, and extra life insurance.

Other Benefits All employees are entitled to a discount on services they or their immediate family member(s) receive from Lawrence Health Services.

Credit Union – Membership Northeast Arkansas Federal Credit Union is available to our employees. The Credit Union offers Christmas Club as well as regular savings and loans.

Retirement plan is available also. Lawrence Health Services matches a portion of what you set aside for retirement, through the offered plan.

Tuition assistance program is available to further your education.

Please feel free to contact the Human Resource office if you would like further information on any of the benefits offered to employees of Lawrence Health Services.

Phone: (870) 886-4167 Address: 1309 West Main, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas 72476