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Cardiac Rehab



Cardiac Rehabilitation is a process for improving both the physiologic and psychosocial status of cardiac patients. This is achieved through exercise, education, counseling and behavior modification. The program is designed to help patients understand their particular disease process and to take the steps to maintain optimal health.

Exercise is a key to restoring strength and stamina. Patients will be placed on a cardiac monitor and closely watched during exercise sessions. The referring physician will receive updates on the patient’s progress periodically.

The Cardiac Rehab staff of Lawrence Memorial Hospital is a highly trained and diverse group, including physicians, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, and social workers. This team of health care providers has only one goal and that is to help our cardiac rehab patients return to a fulfilling, healthy life style.

Cardiac Rehab staff will be available for patients at any time to answer questions or assist in any way. Lifestyle changes are hard to make. The staff will help build the bridge to a brighter tomorrow.

Who needs it?

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a service ordered by physicians to assist the progress of patients who have suffered from:
Heart Attack
Coronary Artery Bypass
Heart Valve Surgery
Angioplasty (Balloon Surgery)
Stent Placement
Stable Angina
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